Taunting During Gaming: Is It Fair?

Apr 11, 2023 | 0 comments

If you’ve got it then flaunt it, right? When you’re gaming, it’s easy to really feel good about yourself when you’re winning. You’re in your element and all of your skills are on point, so you start to get a little cocky about it. Who hasn’t been there before? It’s so much fun to tease your friends when you’re beating them at a game. Maybe you start to lose, so they start taunting you right back. However, when you’re playing with someone you don’t know, is it good to taunt?

It Can Distract Your Opponent 

I’ve had my fair share of taunting while playing Smash Bros. I’m usually a “They started it” kind of person. I won’t start tea-bagging unless they do. But what does taunting really achieve? When it’s done to me, I definitely get angry. I can lose focus and feel bad about myself. When I taunt, I can see that it throws some players off of their game. They get more offensive and open, not defensive. Taunting can be a useful mind game that even pro boxers or MMA fighters use before matches. In that way, gaming is even more like a sport. You not only have to overcome your opponent, but also your own mind. 

It Might Just Be Unsportsmanlike

In some games, you can get reported for bullying, and taunting falls under that umbrella. In games where you can communicate with players, the taunting can get pretty heated. Cursing, insults, and even threats can come out. If it gets to the point where you’re going overboard, you might have to take a step back. Taunting might be a tool to express your anger or even an unhealthy outlet that can signify some abusive or psychological problems. Try to practice surrounding yourself with positive energy. It’s not a game of words; it’s about skill.  

It Should be Fun

In the end, taunting can be fun, but you have to be a good sport. I’ve played against gamers who taunt quite frequently. I’ve even taunted right back after finally defeating them, but then I’m surprised to receive a friend request from them. Even saying “Good game” can keep the mood light. Don’t take yourself too seriously when you game. Just focus on doing your best.

Guest Author:  Gabrielle Muniz

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