5 Tips to Becoming a Better Gamer

Mar 27, 2023 | 0 comments

By Gabrielle Muniz

We all want to be the very best. Here are five ways for you to improve as a gamer.

1. Meditation

Gaming can be pretty stressful. There can also be a lot going on, which adds to the pressure and can make it hard to focus and stay calm. By meditating, you can learn tools that will relax your mind and body. Even yoga can relax both the mind and body to bring out the best responses. With some relaxation techniques, you can make a more informed and rational decision while gaming.

2. Eat Healthy

You may not think it, but gaming can take a toll on the body. Since you’re seated for an extended period of time and holding a controller, you’re more likely to develop arthritis and other body ailments. By eating certain fruits and vegetables every day, you’ll be able to get the nutrients that your joints need to stay strong. Don’t just go for the chips.

3. Play Puzzles

It’s essential to keep your mind sharp as a gamer, especially as we get older. What else keeps the mind sharp? Puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, and even Tetris can improve multiple aspects of your brain, such as your short-term memory. As a result, your reaction time can improve while you’re gaming.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Watch Playthroughs

Once you think you’re the best, you stop learning. Once you stop learning, you stop having fun. By opening yourself up to finding tips, tricks, online playthroughs, and tutorials, you may discover things you’ve never known about your favorite game. Developers take years to come up with your favorite games, so it could take years for a player to master them. 

5. Listen to Music

This works especially well for anxious gamers and…well, me. If you find yourself getting a sensory overload or becoming too anxious about your game, then try muting your television and putting on your favorite song. Music can help your brain to focus, can improve your mood, and can help you relax. Try out different types of music to see what you respond to the best. 

No matter what we’re playing, gaming is just like any other sport. You have to keep training to keep your skills. With these tips, you can find out just how good you can be. Try to reach your maximum potential!

Guest Author:  Gabrielle Muniz

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