7 Video Game Franchises with Epic Soundtracks

Jun 19, 2023

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What makes a great game even better? The music! Here are some beloved franchises that contain unforgettable soundtracks.

1. Final Fantasy

Every Final Fantasy game has memorable music. It’s just a fact. Even from the beginning, the music had an orchestral sound that really immerses you into the world of magic and mystery. It’s always an incredible experience, even if the graphics vary in impressiveness.

2. Zelda

Zelda music perfectly encompasses adventure on a grand scale with mystical beings and great battles. It’s whimsical enough to perfectly characterize such a magical world. With over 30 years of games, the Zelda franchise is still going strong, as Breath of the Wild features a wonderful soundtrack. 

3. Mario

Just about every song in a Mario game is recognizable and iconic. These unforgettable tunes can be upbeat and fun, like in Mario Kart or Super Mario Bros. 3. However, Super Mario Galaxy provides truly epic works of art that could be played in symphony orchestra concerts. No one would question it.

4. Persona

Persona doesn’t have just one sound; it has many. Its funky, off-beat sound is a little bit disco, a little bit rock, and everything in between. There’s definitely something for everyone in these games.

5. Streets of Rage

If you haven’t heard music from Streets of Rage, then be prepared to jam out for hours. These games have some of the most danceable songs that sound like they’re straight from an 80’s action movie. It’s perfect for beating down some baddies with a friend.

6. Medal of Honor

You could put this music in a movie and no one would know the difference. In every Medal of Honor game, the music is pure cinema. Composer Michael Giacchino pens the soundtracks as if they are war movies, and you may just shed a tear. 

7. Tetris

From the beginning, the NES version of Tetris had only three options of music, but I could listen to them all for hours. Now, you can get lost in the music featured in Tetris Effect, as the game features ambient, synth music that is hypnotic to listen to.

You already spend hours of your time playing video games. Why not have some great tunes to listen to while you’re at it? These franchises will definitely keep your attention.

Guest Author: Gabrielle Muniz

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